Angel. Broken.

In fantasy, wings appear on faeries, sprites and pixies.

In religion, wings appear on angels, spirits and demons.

In mythology, winged creatures are messengers of the gods.

In dreams, wings represent a release of creative forces.

A character having one wing is said to be lost in dreams.

Sleeper, Lost in Dreams
by James Christensen,
the gift of Anne Farnsworth

and her academy class,
Up Where the Air Is Thin

This image, in a handmade, beaten copper frame,
resides in the kitchen of Engelbrecht House,
Wizard Academy’s amazing student mansion.

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When Sleeper, Lost in Dreams was released in 2003, it sold out instantly at just a few hundred dollars a copy. Today these prints sell for many thousands of dollars.

Thanks again to Anne Farnsworth and her class Up Where the Air is Thin for buying this rare painting by James Christensen for the academy. Below is a pair of small plaques that will be displayed in a glass cabinet nearby: