Watch this 4-minute video. It’s really good.
These are a few statements you’ll hear:

“Breakthrough ideas almost never come in a moment of great insight, in a sudden stroke of inspiration… and this is partially because good ideas normally come from the collision between smaller hunches, so that they form something bigger than themselves… Oftentimes the thing that turns a hunch into a real breakthrough is another hunch that’s lurking in someone else’s mind… That’s why the coffee house, from the Age of The Enlightenment, or the Parisian salons of Modernism, were such engines of creativity; because they created a space where ideas could mingle and swap and create new forms.”
– Steven Johnson

Wow. Steven Johnson just described perfectly what happens each evening in the kitchen of Engelbrecht House as the cognoscenti unwind after a day of stimulation in the halls of Wizard Academy. It’s an amazing thing to see happen. And even more amazing when it happens to you. Come. Let it happen. We’re waiting for you to arrive.