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I'm Indiana Beagle, your rabbit hole host and guide.

Some people read the Monday Morning Memo for tips and techniques to grow their businesses. Other readers are just looking for a jolt of juice.
It was for these readers that I,
Indiana Beagle, created The Rabbit Hole.
MIT professor and physicist Alan Lightman says in his book,
A Sense of the Mysterious:

"Not long ago, sitting at my desk at home, I suddenly had 
the horrifying realization that I no longer waste time."

Think back. Haven't your best discoveries, epiphanies and realizations happened by happy accident? Think of the rabbit hole as a carefully constructed happy accident.

To enter the rabbit hole
click the image above the title
of any Monday Morning Memo.

Want look into a rabbit hole right now?

1. Click the image above the title of the current Monday Morning Memo


Go to the archives of the Monday Morning Memo,
2. Click the
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Click the image that appears just above the title of the memo.

See that hidden page?

Wait. You're not done yet.

Each uppermost image in a rabbit hole can be clicked to take you deeper. The pages in a rabbit hole are loosely connected by a theme.

The terminus page of the rabbit hole is where I give you the BeagleSword.

If you click beyond the terminus page, you're on your own. The wizard and I make no apology and offer no explanation for what you find in the rabbit hole.

With a beagle, you just never know.

Free Your Beagle!

Aroo! Arooo-arooooooo!