Becke keeps books for 4 corporations and avoids having her picture taken.

Sean Taylor climbed to the top of a telephone pole and mounted a videocam when no one else would do it. Look in his lenses and you’ll see that he snapped his photo with one hand while hanging on with the other. Sean is the product manager for Wizard Academy Press. and Producer of Wizard of Ads LIVE.

Dave is the audio engineer in charge of crafting radio ads. He also makes a pretty convincing Joseph, don’t you think?

Devin is the media negotiator. This photo was taken when he was a public relations officer in the Navy. Yes, that really is Ozzy Osbourne. They spent a day together. But if you’re going to ask Devin to tell you a story, ask about the time he killed a cobra and wore its skin around his head like a bandana.

Corrine Taylor sits in the back seat of our golf-cart as singer Nellie McKay sits in front with her mom. Corrine is our Operations Manager.

Brandi Williams, our daughter-in-law, poses with Princess Pennie during preparations for an event in Tuscan Hall.

Below is another photo of the two in Australia.

Am I the luckiest man alive, or what! – Roy H. Williams