Uh-oh. Wizzo bought another Quixote painting.
This one was painted by Juan Angel Gastelum, the same dude
that sculpted the bronze Quixote in the Fist of the Giant that sits on
the glass table in the center of the Don and Sherry Kuhl Art Gallery
in the tower. You know, the one 
that casts a windmill shadow. (Below.)

Gastelum calls the painting ‘Steampunk Quixote.’
Wizzo told me he bought it because it speaks of how Don Quixote
sees the world through different lenses than the rest of us. Or, to put it
in the words of the immortal Calvin speaking to Hobbes, “I’m not in
denial. I’m just very selective about the reality I choose to accept.”


 Quixote saw the windmill as a giant to be defeated.
Quixote in the hand of the giant
is Quixote lifted on the arms of the windmill.

The windmill, according to Wizzo, symbolizes death, and 
Quixote is a symbol of Christ, who said, “Death is a giant
that must be defeated and I’m the guy to do it.”

The windmill lifted Quixote on its wooden arms and slammed him
into the ground. But Quixote rose, and the journey was begun.
This is just one of the dozens of corrollaries between the story of
Don Quixote and the story of Jesus. Accidental? Maybe.
Only Cervantes knows for sure.